TQIP Educational Experience - June 2024


The content covered in the TQIP Educational Experience could include, but is not limited to, questions related to the latest 2023 NTDS Data Dictionary, revised July 2022, TQIP data submission processes, and TQIP reports. TQIP Educational Experiences are designed to be completed in 5-10 minutes; they provide an opportunity for you to learn, and for us to gauge adherence to the NTDS Data Dictionary, TQIP processes, and TQIP reports.


Picture of TQIP Educational Experience - June 2024
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About this course

Target Audience

  • Trauma Program Managers
  • Trauma Registrars/Abstractors
  • Data Analysts
  • Performance Improvement Professionals

CME Accreditation

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded for this course. 

1.00 Certificate of Completion